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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have classes for beginners/What if I haven't danced in a while?


Our classes are split into levels. Level 1 is a great place for beginners or those that haven't danced in a while. We go over basic technique and ensure we have a good starting point to develop from. Level 1 routines are also that bit simpler, making it easier for beginners and allowing you really let go and perform the choreography without panicking about its difficulty. 


We like to categorize by level as it never hurts to go back to basics (Level 1) and brush up. Even as a professional dancers, we like to go back to simple exercises to ensure we are not letting any little things slide (we want to ensure we have good lines, with elongated legs and lovely pointed toes!!).

For those more advanced, or as you work your way up, we have Level 2 and 3 to push you further. The best thing about the On-Demand classes is you can do each class more than once to really perfect the exercises & routines. It is also great to try a Level 1 class once you have advanced to higher levels to see how much you have improved!

If you join and feel you would like even more of a push, let us know and we will add some Level 4 classes.

We love hearing from you and any requests are greatly welcome, our aim is to provide you with exactly what you want!

When are the classes/do you have a timetable? 


Most of our classes are On-Demand, therefore available to you anytime, any place. 

We add at least one new routine every week and other new classes monthly.


We do occasionally offer live workshops. You will be notified by email of any upcoming workshops (or keep an eye out on Instagram @nicola.brodiescott for updates too) and you can make your booking here. Live workshops are included in your monthly membership.

*You do not have to have your video on in live classes if you prefer not to be seen. You can however put your video on to receive personalised feedback.

How many classes are there? 


We add new On-Demand Classes weekly therefore our library is continuously growing.

If you find it hard to choose a class (we've all spent 20 minutes deciding which 10-minute workout to do) then you can follow our timetable of recommended classes where the choice is made for you!

Can I download the classes to use offline?


You cannot download the classes from the website. However, under special circumstances, you can email us at and request the videos to be sent to you if you are unable to access the internet regularly.


How do I access the videos?


You can access our On-Demand Videos by signing up or logging in here (For technical help to sign up and log in click here). Once logged in you can access our small library of free classes, or once you are a paying member you can access our full library here.


Do I have to sign up for more than one month?


You can sign up for our monthly payments option, which means if after one month you decide it's not a good fit for you, you can cancel your membership and no further payments will be taken. 

Is the 6-month package paid in one payment or monthly?


Our 6-month package is paid in one payment at the beginning of your membership. This means we can then offer you a discount for being a committed long term member! 

Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds on our membership.


We offer a FREE trial for you to try the classes and see if this virtual studio is the right fit for you.

You can cancel your membership at any time before the end of your free trial, or before your next payment date and you will not be charged. To cancel your membership sign in to the site and go to the My Subscription Page. Here you have the option to cancel your membership. Once cancelled, you will still have access until your renewal date. You can also Buy a New Subscription here if you decide to come back or if your subscription has expired and you wish to renew it.

Still have a question?


Send us an email at or contact us here.

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