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What Others Have to Say


Nicola has simply been an answer to my soul calling. If you have ever danced for any period of time in your life, you know it can absolutely offer fullfillment in a way that not many other activities can and Nicola Brodie-Scott is an excellent facilitator of that fullfillment. I am so excited that I found this option for getting my daily dose of exercise in a way that also rejuvenates my soul! THANK YOU, Nicola!


I am more than happy with my membership here at Nicola's Virtual Dance Studio! I've lost a little bit of weight already (2kg to be exact) and I'm really noticing a difference in my shape and energy levels. I certainly wouldn't have got this far without an exercise form I love (dance) and you behind me, encouraging me all the way! SO glad I signed up, looking forward to the next class! 


Nicola is such an authentic teacher. Her warm and genuine approach is so inspiring. Her classes are flexible so I can fit them in Live when I can, but the replay is always available On Demand for those days when life gets in the way. The classes are always good fun and a great challenge, physically and mentally.  I can highly recommend Nicola! From the bottom of my heart, thank you!


I love this studio!! After years of not dancing, I am so glad I found Nicola. Her classes are great and she really makes you feel welcome and supported. She listens to all our requests and makes sure that everyone's needs are met, even if that means adding an extra Live class or On Demand session to cover what you're after, including extra styles & levels! What more could you ask for?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I haven't danced for years? (or have little experience)


The classes are created for you to recap the basics and then advance from there. Even at a professional dance college, we would go back to basics at the beginning of each year to ensure we had a good foundation to continue our learning. We will do the same here.


There are 3 live classes: a technique class, a routine class and a stretch class. The sessions are available On Demand so you can revisit the classes you feel less confident in before continuing to the more advanced classes (or repeat them if you love the routines!). I am also working on a mini intro for complete beginners, so please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.


There are also On Demand strength & ballet sessions for you to work on between classes.

What if I don't want to have my video on in live sessions?


You can have your video off in the live sessions, so others won't be able to see you. The option to have it on is there if you want personalised feedback on your technique, but in general most people keep their video off (at least for the first few sessions) so you don't have to worry. This community is all about you! We want you to feel comfortable and be able to let go and dance your heart out with no fear.

How can dancing benefit my health? 


Personally, dancing keeps me sane, but it can improve your health by:

  • improving heart and lungs

  • increasing strength, endurance and aerobic fitness

  • improving muscle tone and strength

  • weight management

  • strengthening bones & reducing risk of osteoporosis

  • improving coordination, agility and flexibility

  • improving balance and spatial awareness

  • increasing physical confidence

  • improving mental functioning

  • improving general and psychological wellbeing

  • raising self-confidence and self-esteem

Why this studio? 

If you love to dance but you're looking for more than just zumba or dance fitness, this is for you. When we were younger we didn't go to the gym or do "workouts" as such, we went to dance class and that kept us fit and healthy, but it didn't feel like a chore because we enjoyed it. 

So why should our health and fitness be boring now?

Well it doesn't have to be, let's get your old dancing shoes on and see what you can do!

You might just surprise yourself!