Are you ready to feel energised, sexy and confident?

GOOD! Here's what I have for you.

The Dance Into Shape Program

This 12 week program will help you gain confidence and feel more energised and motivated in your everyday life, all while losing up to 3 inches from your waist line so that you can find those perfect fitting clothes and feel confident all year round, even in the summer in your swimsuit!

What You Get

Dance Workouts

Fun dance workouts tailored to your goals and preferences.

Having targeted dance workouts helps you have fun

whilst working towards your goals.

Nutrition guidance and recipes

You write a weekly food journal and we slowly make small improvements to the meals you already eat, instead of trying to completely change your diet all at once. By making small changes over the 12 weeks you will end with a healthy diet you love and can maintain forever more!


Mindset Switch

You receive daily challenges to boost your positive self image and have you feeling more confident than you ever have before

Monthly 1-1 Calls

Check ins to track your progress and for any adjustments to be made. These can be short 10 minute calls, or up to 30 minutes if you have more questions

Unlimited Email and Messaging Support

At any point you can send me an email or message with any questions, problems or requests for alterations to your program. You will get a reply within 24h (except weekends)

Daily Message 

You receive a daily reminder with your top 3 priorities for the day:

Dance Workout (with an easy access button to the video)

Nutrition aim for the day

Mindset task for the day

By the end of the 12 weeks you could healthily lose up to 20 pounds/10kg and will have created the lifestyle you need to keep it off forever more.

I take on a maximum of 5 new clients per month to ensure you have all the support you need. 

If you are interested in my 1-1 coaching please book a FREE consultation call with me below. I can give you some actionable steps to get you started on your journey with no strings attached, but if we think we are a good fit I can discuss what working together could look like.

Client Testimonials and Feedback

that's 13 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why this program?


If you love the gym and regular at home workouts, then maybe this program isn't for you. BUT, if you struggle to stay consistent with other fitness programs and love to dance, then this is the program to get you on top of your goals. You have daily accountability, dance routines that are fun but still focused on reaching your goals.

Can dancing really give me the results I desire?

Dancing is one of the best ways to exercise because it get's your whole body moving in a natural way and provides many health benefits (both physical and mental) as well as giving you extra skills that can be useful in your day to day life. Some of these benefits to dancing are:

- Weight-loss and maintenance

- Increased heart health

- Stronger muscles

- Improved endurance

- Increased bone strength

- Improved self-esteem

- Better balance and coordination

- Improved mood and energy

- Enhanced mental function

- Better sleep

- Anxiety and stress relief

If you are still unsure if dancing can get you the results you desire, book a free call and we can talk it through and find out. If it's not for you, no harm done!

Why are you the best option?

I have trained as a dancer my whole life (I started when I was 2) and I am a fully qualified ballet and modern dance teacher. I am also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. I love expanding my knowledge and am always looking for new things to learn and new methods to help my clients. I am confident in what I teach and I can guarantee that I will do everything in my power to ensure you have the best program tailored to your specific goals and preferences. I always try to make sure that what I teach is fun and easy to follow to make it enjoyable for my clients.

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